Spring 2016 Reflection

May 2016

In the 2015-2016 school year, as part of the Gazette staff, I have learned the key parts of being an editor and how to work programs such as InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Time management was another key skill I learned in the process of being an editor. It quickly became evident that waiting until the last minute for stories would be much more difficult while also having to edit two pages in the Lifestyle section of the newspaper.

One of my favorite parts about this year in terms of journalism was my increased involvement in the creation of illustrations for the newspaper. I learned a lot of new things through the help of others. One of my favorite illustrations was my illustration for the Winter Ball voices piece. This was the illustration that I learned the most about illustrator through, considering the vast amount of tools I used to create it. The illustration worked out reasonably well and eventually ended up winning 2nd place for Graphic Design in the California Press Women’s Communications contest.

I plan to return to the Gazette staff next year for both fall and spring semesters. I will be a Green Screen editor which I am extremely excited about since it is a very creative section and since I’ve always wanted to work on the staff as a Green Screen editor particularly. I’m excited to expand the realm of my illustrative experience and possibly start creating some front page illustrations as well. I look forward to working with my peers and especially the new co-editor-in-chiefs this next year.

For new staff members, I advise them to remember that big words and and formulaic writing might not get them very far in terms of journalism. They should respect deadlines but still try to have fun with the class. It is supposed to be a fun and creative class and keeping work until the last minute might not be the best idea considering it can create a lot of unnecessary pressure and take away from the fun of journalism. For some, the fun is in the pressure, but it is still important to keep in mind that the work of editors depends on the work of writers, so finishing articles in a timely fashion is highly encouraged.


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