While much of the older generation has the notion that social media and technology has a negative impact on my generation, and though I do not completely disagree, I’m beginning to realize how powerful it is in keeping my peers and I connected.

  Especially as a senior who is about to graduate, I am just now digesting the idea that I may never see many of these 500 or so faces ever again. Not without social media at least.

  It makes me sad that I will no longer get to experience every birthday with my friends from as long ago as kindergarten, and I might not even get to see some of my best friends weddings because of the crazy places that life takes us, but at the same time, I’m still reassured with the idea that I’ll get to at least see most of these events through something as simple as a facebook post.

  Sure, it’s a little less personal, but it’s better than nothing.

  I wish I could believe that my best friends would keep in touch with me and I with them without social media, but the reality is that life is crazy, phone numbers change and staying in close contact with all of my friends will be nothing short of difficult.

 I’ve seen firsthand how my father reconnected and is now still in touch with his entire high school friend group from over 20 years ago, all through facebook. Yes, a social media site did that.

  Sure facebook and twitter might give me “fake news” and occasionally call attention to the wrong things, but if one app has the power to keep my friends and I connected through the many stages of our lives, then it’s definitely worth it.

  Though I am in no way best friends with every single one of you Granite Bay High School seniors on my instagram and facebook, every now and then it would be nice to see how you’re doing in college, your first job, that new boyfriend or girlfriend, who may someday be your husband or wife.

  Aside from seeing the places that life takes my friends, social media serves as a little reminder, as you are scrolling through your feed, to call that one friend when you come across a picture of them.

  With new relationships, friends and jobs, it is going to be very easy to forget about the good friends we have made along the way, though some of us may not admit it.

  So thank you facebook, thank you twitter, thank you instagram, thank you snapchat. Without you, continuing my amazing high school friendships would be infinitely more difficult.

  Thank you for giving me the chance to see the amazing, or even terrifying places, all of my classmates end up after these four (or in some cases, more) years together.

  Thank you for allowing me to continue being a part of my friends’ lives even after we part ways.

  Thank you for giving me the chance to remember my old friends as I make more memories with the new.

  And lastly, thank you for making sure the everlasting friendships we have made in high school do just that. Last.


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